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Godsend Construction LLC

A Full Service Home Improvement Company
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01 Our Services

(Interior & Exterior)

house remodeling kitchen
(kitchen, Bath, Additions)
house remodeling kitchen
(Mud, Tape & Texture)
replacement siding
Siding Restoration
(Partial House or Whole House)
waste removal
Yard Cleanup
roof washing
Roof Cleaning & Sealing
landscape design
Landscape Design & Installation
septic installatin
Septic Installation
tree removal
Tree Removal, Topping, Trimming
Concrete Work

02 About Us

30 Years of Experience
We specialize in quality and efficiency. Because of this, we tend to cost less than our competition. We know how to get it done right...the first time. This saves us thousands in lost time and money and the savings is passed on to you (our customer)!
Trained & Knowledgeable Professionals:
This is who we are: A company of trained professionals in the construction industry who care about our clients and have coordinated our efforts and resources to offer you the very best craftsmanship in the shortest possible time and the best price in all we do for you.
We Care For You & Your Project(s)
Have you or someone you know, ever hired a contractor for your special project only to be disappointed by changing prices, poor workmanship, overinflated hourly charges, or just an overall sense of being taken advantage of? If you have, you certainly are not alone. Even as general contractors with years of experience in the industry, we are often called to repair the mess of substandard work by other contractors. We are constantly surprised by subcontractors that want to offer us poor quality, lack of attention to detail, and lack of customer service. GodSend Construction would like to change these bitter experiences for you. We know your home improvement project is important to you, we therefore place the highest regard and attention to detail to all that we do for you. You are valuable to us!

03 Testimonials

Getting it done right and on time is important to me as a general contractor, this crew fulfill my expectations every time!
Fred W.
" “I enjoyed watching them work, highly efficient and no wasted moves…. these guys are truly professionals… you need to hire them for your project."
I have had my home painted twice by them in the past 20 years, this is a company you can trust!
Mrs. Jacinto.
" “After having 2 painters mess up the exterior painting of my house, I didn’t think I could get it fixed on time to be able to get my house on the market. This company is Truly a God Send!."
Alicia D.
"I call on them to get all of my difficult home improvement projects done."
George A.
" In the last 25 years of being in contracting, I have met countless people that say they are professionals, these guys are the real deal.”"
Brian S.
'' Mark with GODSend Construction was first-rate - personal, timely, sensitive to our needs, efficient and responsive to every need. Though we wondered if we should plan to paint while we were on vacation, he assured us that they were "family-friendly" and knew how to respect our needs along the way through painting project. GODSend's workers were great - personal, kind and respectful - besides being GREAT and SKILLED workmen.''
Mark R. 

04 Specials And Promotions



Because we care about your budget, and your project(s), we have a special offer for you.


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