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With the many advances in technology, many painters do not have the skill nor the equipment to get the job done efficiently. Because of this you may pay a higher price than is needed and your project may not be finished with the high standard of quality that you expect. This is where we stand out.
With over 25 yrs. experience in the painting industry, we have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to get the job done for you right…the first time.

We believe in fair prices and your budget is important to us. When you hire us to paint your home, we will work to complete the job within both your budget and the timeline you have given us.

What you can expect from our paint jobs, both exterior and interior

What’s important in a quality paint job? The following items are things that we believe are indispensable to a long lasting and beautifully finished exterior paint job:

1. Water Prep - There are corrupting factors on the surface of your paint that need to be cleaned off before new paint can adhere properly. We take the time, use the proper products, and are very careful to get clean all surfaces that will be repainted. We use only lifetime paints on your home, unless otherwise specified by you, and so we believe that good paint adhesion is essential to giving you a quality job. What value is a high quality paint that is applied over a compromised substrate? In our opinion, not much at all.

2. Dry Prep – The next step, after the proper amount of dry time, is to prepare the surface by removing loose paint and lifting edges. In other words, we continue to prepare the substrate to build a solid foundation for your new paint. Depending upon the severity of the siding’s weathered condition, we use two to four additional processes to complete the substrate preparation.

3. Caulking – Caulking is essential to keep all water on your siding from penetrating into your sub boards. Elastomeric caulk is the product to use, and Sherwin Williams, we believe, has the best on the market. Some painters think we spend too much time and money on this part of our system, but a little extra money now can save a home owner thousands in dry rot damage later down the road. What value can be placed on your peace of mind? We think it’s worth it.

4. Priming- Priming over raw wood with an oil-based primer is the best way to keep latex paint bonding to wood and to keep the tannic acids from the fur and cedar siding locked in. Don’t like to see light color paints with orange/brown splotches? This is the answer to that problem.

5. Siding and Trim Paint – This is when the house is beautified…our favorite part. When you leave for work in the morning, we may already be at your house to start our paint day, and when you get back from work at night, your house will probably be finished. Because of our extensive prep work and efficient finishing system, we are able to top coat most houses within an 8-10 hour day. Hard to believe? Hire us and find out. That’s not just 1 sprayed coat either. On most houses we spray and back-brush the first coat and then spray a second heavy coat after the first coat dries… within a 1-2 hour window.

6. Doors, Fences, Decks – These are usually done on a second day after the siding paint has had a chance for a 12 hour dry cycle so that new paint is not at risk of damage.

7. Walk-thru, Sign off – This is our customer’s favorite part, because this is where you get to look at our job and sign it off as another quality job from Godsend Construction. If for any reason we missed something, we provide you with a “punch-out” sheet that you can list any areas of concern. After the areas are agreed upon by the onsite supervisor, the sheet is signed and you don’t pay us until that list is complete. No more incomplete paint jobs or “I’ll be back to fix that later”. We take care of it right then so that you don’t have to after we leave.

What could be better than all that? Only another experience with Godsend Construction in the near future!

Interior Paint –
Your Colors, where you want them.
Need sheetrock repair? No problem, check out our pics and you will see that we can make your walls whole again. Do you like multiple colors? Ceilings, doors, specialty colors, faux finishes, accent walls, ceiling and wall accenting? We have you covered!!
Call us today and have one of our Interior Specialists come out to your house and help you design an interior that fits your personality and life style. You know what you want, and we help you discover it!!

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