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Siding replacement is often a fundamental part of any permanent painting solution.
When you look at your house, do you see cracked, split or warped siding? If the answer is YES, then you need a visit from our siding restoration division.

Many homes, before they can be painted, need our siding specialists to replace damaged areas which have been weathered by excessive sun and moisture. Sometimes sanding and caulking is not the best solution; know when and why it sometimes makes more sense to replace.

We give free siding evaluations so that that you have the information to make an educated decision on the proper course of action for your home. The advice may range from some simple caulking, sanding, or primer, to a partial or whole house siding replacement.

This has often saved our customers thousands of dollars by getting them accurate information so that they understand their options right from the beginning. It never makes sense to paint over boards that are rotted or broken and most often we can fit the repairs into an economically smart solution.

You can be confident that our specially trained crews have the skill and knowledge to transform your weathered and peeling siding into a properly prepared substrate which will allow for the paint job to not only look good but to also last for many years to come. If siding replacement is not within the budget, this can be an affordable option. From scraping and sanding to special primers, we can prepare almost any surface for proper paint adhesion.

Because we primarily use Sherwin Williams lifetime paints, it is sometimes necessary to completely replace old siding. We like to know that you will be getting the full benefits of Sherwin Williams high quality paints. This could be as simple as a few broken/split/ warped boards on different parts of your home, or it could mean replacing an entire side of your house. Whatever the solution, know your options before you sign a painting contract. Replacing or fixing siding is always more expensive after the paint job has already been completed.


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